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Charity vision, plans and progress

Our vision


Since I released the book and met hundreds of people either seeking help or not being able to access help in time. To me there seemed to be a huge distinct lack of a space where families. sufferers and friends  could come for some interim support during this highly stressful time.

A place of solace that’s not clinical, or judgemental and all inclusive.

There would be meditation, mindfulness, beauty, yoga, baking classes, small spa, reading groups, support groups, speakers from various backgrounds offering insight and ideas for help and recovery, CBT therapists as well as a variety of others activities throughout the year.

The benchmark was the Maggie’s centre in the grounds of Ninewells hospital. Their building is iconic but also when you step inside it’s just like being in a family home with an instant calmness, warmth and tranquillity. However, it has everything you need for help, guidance and further advice.

The plans

This is all at early stages and I have now met with the people who I want to work with to make this a reality. They are carefully selected wonderful people who all have the same goal and purpose either due to having mental illness themselves, or having friends or family affected. This has to be driven by people who understand the need from the inside out. I feel truly honoured that they indeed want to help me bring my dreams to reality – thus also bringing their dreams to reality too. When I first met with the team I had no idea they all wanted exactly the same thing – so it’s simply remarkable how it’s all came together.


We are meeting on a regular basis and this week we will be looking at plans already drawn up by one of the team members who had instructed an architect in the past to do a similar place. This is going to be incredibly useful and a great visual starting point for all of us.

It’s also going to be located somewhere between Dundee and Aberdeen in the countryside with beautiful views of our natural abundantly beautiful terrain.

The next step is to start the fundraising…

The more we have the more we can do and bring to others. If you feel that this project is something useful for the society and can end the stigma mental health sufferers deal with then please donate if you can. If you cannot afford to donate then  please do get in touch with me in any way you like and share your thoughts, ideas and support - to me that is as helpful as all the money in the world!

Thank you so much and lets start this journey together now!

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