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Seconds to snap

It took me a second to snap and years to recover

Seconds To Snap was officially launched in Waterstones Dundee 24th June 2015. The team said it was the biggest launch they have ever had and not since Harry Potter had there been such demand for a book. Seconds To Snap is making a huge impact on peoples lives from sufferers, clinicians and loved ones. The Lancet are commissioning a review for their publications.

The book will hopefully be a start of the conversation to end the stigma of mental health and to encourage others to come out of the shadow of shame and confusion.

Here are just a few amazing reviews the book received on Amazon:

An honest and courageous story

''It is difficult to find the right words to review this book.
An honest, compelling and captivating book. An easy read (writing style) but difficult read (content). Tina shows bravery, courage, strength and determination, even through the darkest parts of her journey. As do her family.
This is the kind of book that gets under your skin, you will find yourself thinking about it when your are not reading it, or once you have finished it.''

By Lynn Griffin

A story you'll never forget

''I have a dilemma with this book - I want to keep turning the pages, however I don't want it to end. I can only remember doing this once before - with the amazing Silence of the Lambs.''

By Alison Wiseman


A great teacher

''Perhaps the greatest success of this book is its ability to capture both the reader familiar with this illness as well as one unfamiliar. This story of a life-or-death struggle is written in such a way that it captivates every reader regardless of their familiarity with the story's theme. Tina writes with solid integrity and unembellished truth and as a result the reader is able to see inside Tina's head - something which turns out to be central to the reader’s appreciation of the broader issues. While the reader starts out with a reaction of confusion and perplexity to Tina’s behaviour, the sober style of writing and the developments of the story turn this initial reaction into pure, deep understanding. No matter the extremes that the book describes, the issues remain comprehensible to the reader. It is in this that the value of the book lies. This book should be kept close at hand and easily accessible - it has much to teach.''

By Iona

Tina's first bestseller is the product of her life. The decision to write this book came instantly, in the same way the illness once took over her. Tina shares a unique, hidden from the eyes, story, but still something so common that those who have suffered from it are doing their best to spread the word. Anorexia is much more than an eating disorder and this book is amazingly well accepted by hundreds of readers.

People suffering from mental illnesses need help and attention which was Tina's main goal...the world needs to understand in order to be able to provide better care for those in need!

''I hated myself so much I would never allow photos during my 'ill time' - this is the only one of me and as you can see I'm not even aware it was taken. I have about five layers on and my hair is very dry and brittle. I'm extremely underweight freezing and desperately unhappy.

From there to today I've changed my whole life. I'm a very happy and healthy mum and wife. I work hard and try to help as much as I can with mental health education.''

Tina McGuff

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