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The road may be steep, but you have the ability to cross any mountain.

Gail Lynne Goodwin

Seconds To Snap

February 17, 2017

Why everyone needs to see this message ...

As a teenager my family fell apart after a very bitter divorce.

My sisters, mum and I became homeless and at times had to raid bins for glass bottles in exchange for food.

Anorexia Mind...Slipping From Reality

February 17, 2017

Here is just a small piece from my book Seconds To Snap to try and take you into the mind of someone struggling with this awful illness. At this point in my life I was sectioned into an adult acute psychiatric ward as a teenager...

Insight from The Lancet about Seconds to snap

November 15, 2016

Those of us who have experienced eating disorders, be it personally or professionally, are all too familiar with the bind that those with the illness frequently fi nd themselves in—the tension between wanting to recover and the stubborn hold of the illness on mind and body

Social media 'fuelling obsessive healthy eating fads'

November 16, 2016

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram could be fuelling a rise in people being treated for eating disorders at Scottish hospitals, a leading charity had warned.

‘Please hang on’ — campaigners offer message of support to mental health sufferers

November 10, 2016

The Courier revealed earlier this week that local mental health champions had urged the Scottish Government to plough more funds into mental health care.

Author and mental health sufferer Tina McGuff and ex-assistant chief constable of Tayside Police Angela Wilson both argued that more had to be done to treat mental illness at both a local and national level.

Spate of suicides in Dundee sparks call for action on mental health

November 12, 2016

The last month has seen a number of residents of all ages from across the city take their own lives.

Horrified by the alarming regularity of incidents, campaigners have now chosen to speak out and call for improvements to be made to mental health care across Tayside and Scotland as a whole.

Tayside child left waiting 22 months for mental health treatment

November 08, 2016

The youngster had to wait 673 days, more than 22 months, to access Children and Adolescent Mental Health services at NHS Tayside, over five times longer than the target time set by the service.

Bake Off's Ruby vs the Hemsleys: the bad science behind 'clean' eating

November 10, 2016

Whether it’s a mug of bone broth, a spiralised courgette or avocado blended into a gluten-free cake, chances are we’ve all succumbed a little to the mode for ‘clean eating’.

Seconds To Snap! A Memoir Of Anorexia And Survival

November 13, 2016

Today we are introducing you to an incredibly brave woman, a true fighter for awareness for eating disorders. Her memoir “Seconds To Snap”, is a manifest for how much she cares to spread the word and how much she wants fellow sufferers to get inspired and take steps towards recovery for the sake of their lives.

'I can't imagine living to old age like this'

November 16, 2016

Tina McGuff reviews BBC Radio 4's 'Rethinking anorexia nervosa'

The rise of 'anorexia athletica’: 'I ran until I was sick and swam until I fainted’

November 16, 2016

Anorexia athletica, the compulsive and excessive use of exercise to maintain an abnormally low body weight, is not a formally recognised mental health disorder. It is not something doctors diagnose in its own right, and when I speak to one psychologist about the condition, she declines to use the term but is happy to speak about its ramifications.

Secrets, lies and shame of living with an eating disorder

October 26, 2016

Anorexia and bulimia sufferers have opened up about what sparked their eating disorders and how they managed to overcome them.

Succeeding in my failure

October 26, 2016

Being mentally ill means you are in a very complex state. I was technically succeeding in failure because it brought me so much short term joy. This is also the reason why external help is more than needed and why I will continue campaigning.

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