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Hope is a very powerful word

Hope is something that is required to keep you going when times are tough and you feel there is no point anymore. Some days you may feel you can’t even get out of bed –leave the house –phone a friend –face the world – pay your bills. We have all had those days. And if you're very ill these days drag to months and even years.

But we all have hope!

I met a beautiful lady last night who is  clinically depressed and has a bi-polar illness and she was saying last week she was planning her own funeral. So I asked what stopped her from carrying this out. Hope was the reply.

It’s the one word most people I talk to use to describe the only reason they stay focused or determined and don’t give in the path of least resistance.

It’s the language that’s required to get you to the end goal. Hope, recovery, love, life, growth, normality ,future dreams, family, career, tenacity…

These words form part of  the language of recovery and growth into the person you want to be and know you can become again. This may be blocked at the moment due to your illness, fears or whatever barrier there is in the way.

I liken it to being in a prison of the mind – and sometimes you don’t even know you are there until you're free.

Mental illness holds you as a prisoner on all levels. Everyone should be able to live a free and authentic life. Free from the stigma, free from the boundaries the illness can present and free to be you!

Use the language or hope every day and I promise that will help start a change in your thought pattern. It’s all about retraining your brain to think what you want to become – see where you want to be – feel what it’s going to be like. Embrace it all even though you find it very difficult. Please keep hope alive…


Tina x

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