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I have a few regrets and at least I’m young enough to make sure I take care of those….I would hate to be at the end and still have them hanging over me.

So everyday I’m creating the best life I can for myself on a mental level – I’m truly happy – I have a plan to which I’m working very hard towards and making it happen – in turn helping many others along the way.


When I talk at schools I even hear the word regret from teenagers -  but they all intent to turn that around . They have the privilege of time on their side.


Let’s all make our lives matter. Create change, happiness, love and authentic connections each day and hopefully one day when we are 100 years old we can all look back and say “I have no regrets”


Tina x

This is the most terrifying word for me to hear.


My father and mother in law both died recently after long illnesses.  I am very curious person and love people therefore love nothing more than learning and understanding what makes people happy and what drive them – so whenever I could we would engage in many deep conversations which taught me so many lessons in life.


One of the lessons I’ve learned from them and many other people I spoke to in the hospitals with them is that so many people have huge regrets in life. It’s always so sad to hear as its always too late. Time is their enemy as they have none left. They all tell me the same advice too “ Tina do every single thing you want no matter how stupid you think it is, love harder, be honest, don’t take bullshit, walk, sing, love your body, have holidays, if you want to do something- just do it,  meet lots of people (and the most important one for me) – help other people by being generous with your time”


Even if it’s just one regret it’s sad as life is short and needs to be lived and enjoyed as much as you can.


We all going to die one day – so you really need to ask yourself this question “ If this was my last day on earth am I happy and what would I be doing?”

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