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No Glory In Being “The Best Anorexic In The World”

A chapter of my book is called “The Best Anorexic In The World”

This is because when I was very ill with the condition to me this was the goal I had to achieve and this required me to starve to death – to shrink away as I felt so insignificant and felt I was taking up to much space on this earth.

Now as a fully recovered healthy and happy adult I can look back with so much knowledge and see how ridiculous it was.

However – sadly right now across the world there are literally millions of sufferers of this horrendous condition who feel exactly that same sentiment.

Throwing their lives and that of family and friends into turmoil.

It’s now my life’s goal to raise as much awareness to try and mitigate any loss of life, need for inpatient therapy or families wondering where the hell their loved one has gone due to the fact that the sufferer having changed so much on all levels.

Anorexia has the highest mortality rate in the world of all mental illnesses.

Many like me we are doing what we can to change that statistic.

Please please please don’t be fooled by this entrancing, intoxicating and very devious new “best friend” as it really is not a friend but a foe that you must fight with all you’re might at the first thought.

Full recovery is completely possible and I’m living proof of that so please never give up.



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