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School Tours 2024/2025

Good afternoon,

Since publishing Seconds to Snap in 2015, which is my critically acclaimed story of recovery from an eating disorder, it’s not only gone on to help so many others, it has also allowed me to personally support many families too. Between the book, working in student support services at a college, delivering Mental Health First Aid across the UK, as well as working in the USA and UAE to deliver eating disorder workshops, I know the work I do is in huge demand and makes such a difference. I’ve worked with hospitals, schools, corporate organisations and even the Prime Minister’s office in Dubai. Alongside this I work across the mainstream media and TLC Lions. So, my wealth and breadth of knowledge is vast. 

Sadly, my emails and social media messages have increased to the point where this year I feel I must do something to make an even bigger impact. The messages I get are either from families looking for help and support as they are confused, scared, and frustrated due to lack of services, or from those struggling themselves. What is even more concerning right now is just how young some of them are, parents are seeking support for their loved ones as young as 8 years old.  

I have been trying to do as much as I can to get workshops and talks delivered, but due to the fact I work full-time it’s been difficult. This has left me thinking of all different ways I can help as I know from the feedback, I receive the work I do is invaluable and can be at a minimum, life changing and at the other end of the spectrum, lifesaving. 

I am proposing a solution and the work I’m going to carry out will also be supported by SEEME, Supported ED and Beat Eating Disorders, they will be giving me booklets and pamphlets to share as well as their school connections.  

My plan is to take the tour around all the high schools in each major city in Scotland. Start in Tayside and deliver talks and workshops to all secondary schools each day. The scope of the format would include students, staff, and parent to become all encompassing.  

The workshops would include talks and activities covering the importance of self-esteem and mental wellbeing, eating disorders, body image, anxiety and recovery amongst other topics. This would help all attendees appreciate the complexities and equip them with the abilities to understand what’s required to assist someone who is struggling. And other resources that I will bringing from SEEME, Supported ED and Beat Eating Disorders. 

I will be spending whole days or weeks depending on how many year groups at a time I can work with. I will also be there after each session for anyone who wants to sit and talk one to one, which inevitably happens after each event.  

I’m also speaking to the Lorraine Kelly team, STV, BBC and local and national press, so if you are happy to be named as part of than then let me know.   

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider my campaign proposal and please have a look at just a tiny selection of the feedback and quotes I have included below.  

If you want me to put your school on my tour, please let me know.

Best wishes and huge gratitude. 

Tina McGuff 




Feedback and quotes from the book, talks, workshops and support. 

A courageously honest narrative. A story that had to be told. -- Brenda Chapman ― Writer/Director of Pixar Film Brave 

 This is an important, searingly honest book that will change lives. Tina is one of the bravest woman I've ever met. -- Lorraine Kelly - Author and broadcaster 

 "Brutally honest...A valuable insight" -- The lancet  

Mother, Grandmother, and speaker sharing the lessons she has passed on to her daughters around working hard, spreading kindness, and finding your own positivity, confidence, and beauty - I read Tina McGuff's survival story with awe. She is truly a war-survivor. A veteran in the battle against mental illness in the form of anorexia. Like many of us, her feud takes place on the battlefield of her mind against an invisible enemy who strikes with words of inadequacy, failure, and fear. In a time where we are all struggling to understand mental illness, McGuff's courageous and candid story speaks to what it is like to face down an enemy that lurks in the hidden places of your mind and destroys you from within. This timely and important story is universal. For who among us has not heard an inner-voice whisper "You're not goo enough" and wondered if it wasn't true? -- Linda Graham 

 What is exceptional about this book is that it's not only a heartwarming true story and a gripping read, but that it manages to be both while providing hope for so many by helping us understand so much about the psychology of this terrible disease. -- Gary Clark ― Musician 

Congrats on so many things, will keep reading your harrowing yet compelling tale. My pleasure Tina - your story is shocking and affirming in equal measure and I am sure a big help to many people who find themselves in similar situations. Congrats again. -- Dom Holland ― Comedian, Author and Broadcaster

 What an amazing book written with such honesty - you are such a strong and inspiring lady, thank you for sharing your story, I am sure it was not easy to be so open and honest but the help and hope it will give anyone going through a tough time is so important. -- Tana Ramsay ― Author and broadcaster

"Tina brings into sharp reality a painful journey of recovery. But recover she did. What a woman, what a story" - India Hicks, British Designer, author and businesswoman 


"Tina McGuff fully embraces the challenge of unpacking childhood trauma In Seconds to Snap. With her incredibly authentic storytelling, Tina reveals how she navigated through immense adversity with great strength, honesty, and tenacity." - Coach Mike Bayer, NY Times best-selling author and personal development coach on Dr Phil 


Highly informative and presented by Tina (instructor) to an outstanding level. The course was easy to follow but at the same time in-depth. Easily one of the most professional and knowledgeable trainers I have met and that helped enormously with the sensitivity and seriousness of the topics covered – Alison (Orkney) 

I have been on several mental health courses & this one is by far the best. Tina is an amazing inspirational person with such an amazing story to tell! Her journey to recovery is an inspiration & makes her such a unique person to deliver this course. – HB 


Absolutely amazing course. Tina slotted right into our group, her honesty and vulnerability made it a comfortable and relaxed environment which was reflected in how open everyone was in sharing their thoughts and personal stories. The activities and videos kept the sessions engaging and not too heavy. Very thought provoking and a lot relatable to everyday life not just mental health (such as listening skills, empathy, etc). I've come away feeling incredibly passionate about the subject and comfortable using the skills I've learnt to make a difference in people’s life. -Molly 


I first became aware of Tina McGuff when her book (Seconds to Snap) was recommended to me by a school friend. After reading this autobiographical account of anorexia and other mental health issues, I approached Tina to speak with our patient and staff group at the Priory Hospital Glasgow.  

Since meeting Tina I have become aware of her strengths and knowledge of anorexia nervosa. She has offered support to patients and staff at the Priory Hospital. This support has been invaluable.  

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Yours faithfully 


Dr Fiona Morrison Consultant Psychiatrist 


 Tina has helped me so much over the last year during a time when I felt like nobody understood me and everyone was against me 


She not only informed me about my illness and why I may be feeling the way I am (which was extremely helpful as I was very confused and angry) but she also helped my family come to grips how to approach the situation and the dangers of how bad it can get.  


What struck me most was that Tina didn't have to do any of this for me, but she went out of her way to send support from another country to help me. And even after I got out of my intensive treatment programme she still didn't stop supporting me, as she knows the illness very well she understood that the time after you put the weight on can be the hardest. I have never felt forgotten with Tina.  


But most of all she is an inspiration to me, she is proof that there is life after this illness, that things can get better and you can start a family, achieve dreams and be happy. 


Tina made me realise how serious the illness is in a world where it is idolised to be thin and diet through the media. I cannot thank her enough for that- and her book was very helpful too. 


The similarities I saw between us was scary and it was like she was talking to me personally through the words, showing me I needed to change to be happy. 


Thank you Tina. 




 To whom it may concern, 


I am writing to provide a reference for Tina McGuff whom I have known for the last year. My sister’s first approached Tina for help as my daughter had been diagnosed with anorexia and was gravely ill. 


Tina kindly arranged to meet my sister’s and gave them support and help with regards to contacting agencies who could help as well as offering them significant emotional support. 


Tina then began corresponding with me and was a huge comfort when I was asking her advice about the disease. Her knowledge and expertise helped alleviate my fears and she was always responsive and happy to help. We even met up when I visited Scotland and the ease at which she communicated with my daughter was inspiring and more importantly my daughter responded to Tina advice. 


Tina has continued to offer support and guidance to us as a family and has done so out of the goodness of her own heart. 


What I love about Tina is that she demonstrates a desire to help her fellow human being and is passionate about raising the problems of eating disorders. She has credibility as a consequence of her immense knowledge and has a respectful and professional approach to her work. 


More than that she has integrity, compassion and is a wonderful ambassador for eating disorders within our society. 


Kind regards Lorraine Hyde (mum) 

To whom it may concern, 


Tina, has assisted myself within practice and outside practice advising me with treatment of clients regarding emotional and psychological aspects relating to eating disorders and mental illness associated with this issue.  Furthermore, Tina has assisted me by offering support to a vulnerable individual with various issues, which includes an eating disorder, out with the therapy room in order to facilitate a larger support network and structure. 


Tina’s input and experience is invaluable to both the individual, their family and professional sectors such as myself.  I regularly seek input from Tina in order to understand at a greater depth the complexities of an eating disorder and the plethora of emotions and issues that surround this mental and physical health issue.  


I would highly recommend Tina. 




Vicki Simpson-Price – Psychotherapist. 



Tina McGuff has worked with us here at the High School of Dundee to support the development of our Personal, Social and Health Education programme in relation to Eating Disorders.  

Tina has presented to our pupils in Forms 3 to 6 (ages 14 to 18) and provided them with an understanding of the nature of anorexia as an illness. They were left understanding what triggered her eating disorder, how it affected her and her family and how she was able to move towards recovery. Our pupils found her to be engaging and were eager to ask questions. A number of pupils approached her for 1:1 advice and found her to be empathetic and encouraging in her approach.  

Tina was proactive in seeking our advice before speaking with our pupils. She listened carefully to what we felt was appropriate for each year group and tailored her presentations accordingly. She was sensitive to the fact that some of her audiences were suffering from an eating disorder themselves or had family members who were unwell. 

Tina has agreed to return to the High School to support us with a Parents' Workshop on Eating Disorders. As a school we firmly believe that our parents need to be as well informed as our pupils on all aspects of mental health and we are delighted to have Tina on board with us!  

Should you require any further information, I would be happy to discuss Tina's contributions to the High School further.  

Mrs Samantha Watson  

Deputy Head {Guidance) 



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