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Instagram - Liking the new change

Today marks for me an important step in the 'Social Media' platforms becoming more proactive in the mental health of their young users.

I say this, not from my own preference as I don't particularly pay attention to how many likes I have, however from someone who has had a huge amount of feedback on this very subject.

Ive been delivering school talks for a long time now and one question (if i have time) I try to ask them all is....

"Put your hands up if you have deleted a photos due to insufficient likes?"

The hands go up without hesitation and I would say on average the majority do, albeit mostly young ladies.

They then go on to describe how their self worth and self-esteem is somewhat predicated on the like total. So the number of likes is of huge significant to them.

Im a huge fan of Instagram and use it everyday, its my personal favourite of all the platforms, so Im very happy to see this change.

Im looking forward to the feedback from the users to Instagram and if there are any other changes in the future - thank you Adam Mosseri :)

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