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The Universe Was Listening

I was in London last week for some work with the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

At breakfast on the Friday I was sitting next to two woman, a man and two young children under 10.

My ears pricked up when I was aware of the mum talking to the youngest about eating disorders.

This was the first time in my life I’ve ever been anywhere and over heard this kind of conversation especially to young children and it was so good to hear as it was open, honest and sympathetic to the illness. The mum was talking about Karen Carpenter without saying the name, but I knew who it was.

The family had to rush off and the male friend was still at the table and I knew I had to take this opportunity to share Seconds To Snap with him.

I ran up to the hotel room and grabbed a copy, and tentatively made my way over, thankfully he was very open and welcoming. I explained that I had heard his friend talking about eating disorders and would be so grateful if he could pass a copy on to her as so many of the younger generation do not know who Karen Carpenter is sadly. And we must keep talking about not only the devastation this illness can cause, but also there are so many wonderful recovery stories with good intervention.

He was so kind and lovely and was more than happy to take the book.

I hope he managed to get a read and passes it around to all his friends and family too, as the more others read about these stories the more awareness is raised and hopefully the less people lose their lives to mental illness.

I just wanted to thank him personally for taking the time to have a conversation with me at 7.30am at breakfast and that his kindness shone out.

Thank you so much. - you know who you are :)

Hugs, Tina.

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