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I just wanted to share this with you as we all feel this way some days I’m sure?

During #eatingdisorderawarenessweek2019 I’m asked to do various media projects.

I love them as it really gives me a bigger platform to raise awareness. It’s an absolute privilege.

However it also fills me with fear as I hate to see & hear myself on TV or radio. I’m stunned each time I’m asked as I battle with feeling good enough.

All I see is the negative aspects, criticise myself and wish I had done a better job. Feel like my words aren’t good enough, smart enough, profound enough etc…

I really have to work hard to kick this negativity into touch – and focus on the positives I know deep down I bring.

Hence why I don’t mind sharing this tiny wee clip of me watching the news last night - this is the reality of me watching myself. Gulp, terror at all my flaws, but have to laugh. I would not be able to do any of what I do if I took myself far too seriously and criticised everything all the time.

I’m human, with huge flaws but just have to accept them and move on.

Thank you everyone who works hard and united to help so many more – let’s keep doing all we do together, flaws and all ;)

Hugs x

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