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Realistic Body Image and Confidence

Growing up everything including smoking was seen as glamorous and helped you lose weight.

All the adverts had beautiful skinny men and woman puffing on their cigarettes advocating a life of happiness if you smoked.

Now of course this is rightly banned.

Unfortunately this kind of psychologically negative nonsense it’s rearing its head in plain sight.

All across social media platforms, billboards and magazines we are now seeing celebrities/models promoting lollypops, gummy bears, teas …all designed to make you think they will magically transform you to look like the person by simply ingesting the product.

It’s an unrealistic scenario they are trying to hard sell.

Promoting extreme weigh loss if you’re vulnerable can lead to the development of disordered eating.

Eating disorders are not something to aspire too.

Jamella Jamil and her team behind the Iweigh campagn have brought huge awareness to this and its actually making a real change.

There is nothing at all glamorous about sticking your fingers down your throat to be sick, or losing your bowel function in public due to abuse of laxatives.

Having had a severe eating disorder I know exactly how it goes…and it’s a living hell.

I’m now so grateful to those out there fighting against it all promoting self-love, body and mind positivity and realism.

The key to the outer happiness is the inner happiness. This can only be found by working on ourselves from inside out.

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence is something I combine into my school talks now as I want to try and prevent anyone out there feeling vulnerable being guided by this nonsense.

It’s time to tell the truth and live in our reality – self acceptance is & self-worth are the key to seeing yourself as worthy and beautiful.

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