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Eating Disorders Are Not A Choice

Eating Disorders Are Not A Choice

As a young child I had no idea what a mental illness or an eating disorder was.

However out of the blue I developed one that almost killed me.

It came after a few years of being unable to cope mentally with my family falling apart and feeling inadequate as a sister, daughter or friend.

I had no skills to deal with the feelings I had.

Anorexia suddenly entered my life, claimed it for its own and stripped me of everything including my family, friends and dignity.

It became my evil best friend. It mattered more to me that anything on the planet. It was protecting me from the mental anguish in my head. Or at least so I thought.

The condition I felt I was in control of was completely in control of me and I could not break its spell.

It took years many of psychiatric inpatient intervention, medication and therapy to get it completely out of my head and to reclaim my life.

So if you’re a parent, friend or sibling and you know someone going through this hell, please know they did not chose it.

It’s a complex mental illness that needs huge intervention and the earlier the better.

Also know that it can be beaten, it will be a hard and at times very challenging road.

But never give up as its worth it all :)

Then and now

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