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Mental Health Awareness and Maintenance For Young People

Each week I delivery talks to young people across schools and universities.

I’ve done this across the UK, a two day event in Arizona, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

One thing they all have in common is the huge interaction that happens at these talks.

Without question they are all diligent and full of incredible questions, where clearly the audience want to gain huge knowledge and insight to help them navigate their way through to adulthood with a good understanding of their own self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

The youngest groups have been from 10 years old, and the power of these conversations can be life changing.

Young people often feel isolated, confused and overwhelmed.

Having experienced this myself as a young person I can have that conversation with them knowing I turned my life around and so could they.

As a teenager I struggled with various home life complications, turned to alcohol and other things to escape.

Became a rouge teenager and wished I was no longer on this planet.

I then ended up sectioned into an adult psychiatric unit at 16.

It was not the best environment for a young person to be – however the ward turned out to be a life saver for me.

But what I will always remember was thinking no one should ever be feeling like I was.

My mind and thoughts took me to a very dark and scary place. I hated it all so much and wished for a better life. I used to imagine what it would be like to have a stable family home with happiness and love, food, electric and some clothes. Also just to feel safe.

This lack of the basic needs gave my thought process a new protector – which came in the form of anorexia. I had no knowledge or tools to deal with my mental health so it’s simply stole my soul. I was a vulnerable and willing victim.

Now as a very healthy and happy adult I strive to deliver as much knowledge to as many people as I can - and from all the feedback I get its making a difference. I’m giving them the knowledge to not be the vulnerable victim I was.

If I can connect with anyone and share the stories I’ve come across over the years; I truly hope when someone is on the edge and looking for insight they can use what I’ve told them and it can help in some way.

So please share your stories with as many people as you can…

You never know how much it may help someone else.


Tina x

Various educational establishments UK and USA

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